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The ifnotnow.when community woodland was created in April 2002 after the death of David Hood.

The woodland is located in Suffield, a small village in north Norfolk where David lived for over 30 years. Part of his estate included a 4.5 acre field which he envisioned could be turned into a woodland after his death by the creation of the If Not Now. When charitable trust.

Since 2002, trees have been planted and projects been undertaken and the community woodland is beginning to take shape. The meadow, unplanted, area has been designated a County Wildlife site - such areas are inserious decline and the meadow of the ifnotnow.when community woodland provides a good example of wetland meadow communities. Whilst the other half of the site is managed as a formal garden area with fruit trees, a labyrinth and seating area. (link to County Wildlife Site info sheet)

The woodland is free for anyone to use, particularly the local community. Please note there is no public car parking on site.

If you have any comments or ideas for the future development of the woodland please contact us.